TCB, a locally based community bank wanted to reach the growing millennial market, a traditionally difficult audience for the banking sector to influence and an untapped market for them.

After undergoing a rebrand led by Agency 451, the new creative and messaging focused on showcasing TCB as a local, community bank with big-banking technology. Agency 451 was then tasked with creating brand awareness and affinity amongst millennials in the Boston area.




Agency 451 developed a strategic advertising plan, including both traditional and digital channels to maximize reach and frequency, with the goal of reaching TCB’s target audience with messaging that would resonate and driving brand awareness through multiple strategic touch points.

Traditional tactics including hyper-local out-of-home advertisements, centered around popular commuter routes and community gathering spots. Traditional tactics were reinforced with research-based, highly targeted digital placements, including display, search and social and segmented messaging to bring the target audience into the funnel and move them down towards conversion.



Over a 6 month flight:

  • Programmatic display delivered over 5.4 million impressions to millennials in the Boston area
  • Paid search ads delivered over 240k impressions
  • Social increased Facebook followers by 35%, and Twitter and Instagram by over 20% each
  • Over 100k new users visited the website, with new sessions making up over 50% of all sessions
  • >100%

    personal banking traffic

  • >100%

    personal online banking

  • >100%

    overall contact traffic increase