Hendricks Corporation had just developed a revolutionary process for turning coal waste into clean energy. Started by veterans of the coal industry who saw the opportunity to create a company whose innovative products and positive corporate influence could extend well beyond their initial product offering as well as drastically reducing the world’s carbon footprint by 2030. The challenge was to build a brand for a start-up energy company that could not only transcend the negative associations of coal mining—but position the company as the global leader in a range of sustainable products.


To develop a public facing corporate narrative as well as a relevant B2B value proposition, 451 conducted extensive stakeholder interviews and industry analysis to uncover a strategic connection between the needs of the current energy market, government sustainability regulation and Hendricks’ proprietary technology. After a competitive audit and rigorous naming exercise, we created a powerful and resonant voice for the new company that not only powers the world but will preserve a healthier planet for us all.


The final logo design represents the centrifugal process uses to separate the coal waste particles from the newly refined product. The circular form symbolizes the environmental regeneration of the corporate mission. The name OMNX communicates the intended breadth of future products and the corporate culture which celebrates innovation and experimentation. Our logo design and corporate identity system (including name and messaging strategy) is being used to successfully establish positive community relations in Kentucky where refineries are located, position OMNX as a true partner with federal and state environment and energy agencies and tell a sound financial story that is helping to raise additional rounds of capital.