Ericsson was struggling with the popular misconception of being simply a “mobile telecoms” organization. This well-held view limited Ericsson’s ability to engage and attract diverse top talent across the globe in the competitive fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). How could Agency 451 utilize the Ericsson Careers social media platforms to promote diversity and encourage top talent to get engaged?



Agency 451 crafted a comprehensive social media strategy to promote the diverse teams and individuals behind Ericsson’s innovations. By positioning Ericsson as a leading technology employer as well as a leading diversity employer, it better helped them to attract top talent in STEM. Through a process of analyzing internal materials and benchmarks, qualitative research, and competitive analysis, the campaign YOU + ERICSSON was crafted.

451 set three distinct engagement goals: promote Ericsson’s diverse environment and company culture, share open job roles to targeted audiences, and encourage employee advocacy and engagement.

Over the course of a year, Agency 451 aligned Ericsson’s social media initiatives with national days of diversity recognition. For Black History Month, the agency featured innovative employees of color by promoting Ericsson employees on social channels alongside other black influencers who’ve made positive impacts in STEM.

Using the stage of World Day for Cultural Diversity, Ericsson employees were encouraged to submit a photo and caption explaining what makes them proud of their culture. The responses were then shared via a Facebook album. Fans were also asked to take a quiz about Ericsson’s diversity mission and strategy. During Global Diversity Awareness Month, the Ericsson Careers social media channels underwent a complete rebrand and ran over 30 collective Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns promoting a Cultural Journeys eBook with recipes from employees around the globe, an interactive World Map at, several Facebook albums and numerous Ericsson Careers Blog Posts. In addition to social advertising, four Ericsson employees from around the globe participated in an Employee Instagram Takeover to highlight how they experience diversity in their day to day life.

The 451 team also ran a variety of direct response job ads on Facebook and Twitter to encourage fans and viewers to learn more about the various career opportunities at Ericsson. These ads worked to promote Ericsson as a diversity leader as well as pushed viewers to apply to specific roles.

To attract candidates interested in software development and coding, Ericsson Careers implemented the Coding Conundrum content series. Posted on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, this content encouraged fans to engage by answering the trivia questions. Associated post copy included links to find relevant jobs in the development space at Ericsson.



The year-long diversity awareness campaigns generated close to 8 million impressions and drove 231,700 clicks across social media. Direct responses to social ads drove 22,687 clicks to the website. The Coding Conundrum series organically generated over 20,700 impressions and drove 771 engagements.

Across the year, total fan growth increased across platforms, including Facebook (109%), Twitter (84%) and Instagram (412%).

  • 284,607


  • 4.1M

    direct impressions responses to social ads