Ericsson, one of the world’s largest telecom companies, struggled with a popular misperception that they’re simply a “mobile telecoms” organization. This widely-held view limited Ericsson’s ability to engage and attract diverse, top talent across the globe in the competitive fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This, coupled with the logistical challenges of coordinating the promotion of a cohesive, global employer brand, demanded an expertly crafted strategy and an organized execution plan.  Agency 451 recommended a robust social media program to help Ericsson stay competitive, emphasize the importance of diversity as a core company tenant, build top-of-mind awareness with prospective talent, and establish Ericsson as an employer-of-choice.



Agency 451 developed a comprehensive social media strategy with an overarching theme to highlight the diverse individuals and teams behind Ericsson’s biggest innovations.

451 set three distinct engagement goals: promote Ericsson’s diverse environment and company culture, share open job roles to targeted audiences, and encourage employee advocacy.

Over the course of a year, utilizing both organic and paid social strategies, Agency 451 aligned Ericsson’s social media initiatives with national days of diversity recognition, along with creating various campaigns that focused on company culture, employee recognition, and hard-to-hire job areas.

Throughout the year, Agency 451 carefully planned, organized, and executed multi-faceted initiatives while keeping the brand cohesive across all social media channels. During Global Diversity Awareness Month, Agency 451 oversaw a complete rebrand across all the Ericsson Careers social media channels while simultaneously running over 30 collective Facebook and Twitter ad campaigns seamlessly.



The year-long diversity awareness campaigns generated ~300,000 engagements, close to 8 million impressions, and drove over 200,000 clicks across social media.

Direct responses to social ads garnered over 4 million impressions and drove over 22,000 clicks to the website.

Across the year, total fan growth increased across platforms on average over 200%, with Instagram growing over 410%.