Struggling with a less than stellar reputation and an outdated website, the new CEO makes positive brand sentiment and an increase in online lead flow a prerequisite.



Agency 451 recognized that driving traffic to an outdated website would be a waste of CHCP’s limited resources, and was not going to solve their bigger problem. Years of poor reputation management and lack of compelling content would leave visitors stranded on the website with no clear call to action.

The agency developed a new brand identity to enhance the institution’s reputation and reposition the CHCP brand to attract a new demographic of students. From there it was time to rebuild the CHCP website from the ground up with content that was easily navigable and searchable.

With the new website in place, Agency 451’s digital marketing team enlisted industry best practices and SEO optimization of class offerings and program titles (using search trends to tailor & fit what people are searching for) to increase the findability of the new CHCP website.

The agency developed a comprehensive paid search marketing campaign which included custom Google Adwords, Bing & Facebook advertising campaigns to increase awareness.


  • 73%

    decrease in cost per lead

  • 65%

    decrease in cost per click

  • 1200%

    increase in conversions

  • 1000+%

    growth in online leads