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We have all the expertise in house to successfully develop and manage your digital influencer marketing campaigns. Our team includes influencer marketing experts; PR professionals; food, travel, and lifestyle bloggers; makeup vloggers; social media whizzes and all-around exceptionally creative people.


With 8-years of solid experience in the influencer marketing space, I’ve managed moms blogging for cereal to major celebrity endorsements. I’ve worked with hundreds of Fortune 500 over the years across all industries, promoting everything from baby food to kitchen appliances to “below-the-belt” products. Never one to back down from a challenge, I can and have created campaigns for the craziest or most-sensitive topics/products. Read ERICA GATLIN’s Full Bio


I specialize in developing and running influencer programs for the agency’s roster of clients, with experience at the national, regional and local levels.

I am also a female entrepreneur. I understand the ins and outs of establishing a brand because I am doing so personally as a beauty vlogger with my YouTube channel, MKUP with Sarah.
Read SARAH CONLEY’s Full Bio


I started the food blog, We are not Martha in 2008 ( and am still cooking, baking, photographing, and writing for it today. People always ask me what I like to cook or bake the most and I give a different answer every time, so now I’m locking it down on the 451 website forever: My favorite thing to make is pesto. Is that weird? Read SUSIE ANDERSON’s Full Bio


I started a lifestyle blog that I hoped would serve as a walking, talking resume that would land me a position in social media – a drastic career change, but one I had been pursuing since college. Thankfully, it worked! Read CAITLIN CROSWELL’s Full Bio


I focus on developing and managing social media marketing campaigns for a variety of 451’s clients and my blog, Art Food Adventure. My love for social media, particularly Instagram, was a pretty expected and natural path. I love photography, making things look pretty, staying on trend, and keeping all my files organized. If that doesn’t scream “Instagram-addict,” I don’t know what does. See @artfoodadventure or one of my client’s IG for proof. Read SAM COHEN’s Full Bio

Engaging influencers and their communities is essential to generating awareness, but finding the right influencers, with a passionate and loyal following that fits your brand values, is the key to driving profits.

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